Paw-In-Tau Foundation


  • Paw-In-Tau stainless steel pet charms ($5)
  • Paw-In-Tau brass pet charms ($5)
  • Paw-In-Tau sterling silver post earrings ($30 pair)
  • Paw-In-Tau sterling silver hanging earrings ($30 pair)
  • Paw-In-Tau t-shirts (black, M/L/XL) ($20)
  • Paw-In-Tau tote bags (crimson, navy, tangerine) ($20)
  • Paw-In-Tau chalices (8oz, handmade, ceramic) ($75)

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Paw-in-Tau Foundation
PO Box 15412
Seattle, WA 98115 USA
[email protected]