About Us


We are a small group of dedicated activists who find that by working with animals & nature, we transcend humanism to discover one of the great faces of the Divine.

We focus primarily on education & networking but not at the expense of a needed rescue.


We try to develop, fund, and inspire 'creative activism'

Our logo – the Paw-In-Tau.

The Tau is the symbol of St Francis. The Paw reminds us of the compassion & humanity of St Francis manifested whenever we help an animal in need.



Our current focus is the hill town of Assisi located in Central Umbria 2 hours north & south of Rome & Florence respectively. Assisi is the birthplace of St Francis, patron saint of birds, of the animals, of the environment & of Italy.

  • air – infrequent flights into Perugia (PEG)
  • car – located off Highway 75 (Strada Statale 75).
  • parking – Matteotti Parking lot, or free parking at Rocca Maggiore
  • train station - Santa Maria degli Angeli, free shuttle bus will take you up into Assisi


If interested in participating in our 'voluntourism' program, please contact us here.

Currently 'voluntourism' opportunities for Assisi, Italy only.


"one small act of kindness is worth more than a hundred heads bowed in prayer"

We are just trying to create a more humane world w/StFrancis as a guide

Imagine 1% of the 5 million visitors to Assisi returning home & committing one small act of kindness per day. Imagine 1% of the more than one billion Catholics.


'action thru education'

    • we provide modest 'seed money' & grants to local environmental & animal activists creating partnerships.
    • we participate in matching grants and performance grants
    • we offer volunteer opportunities in select countries.


a free place to stay in exchange for 3 hours volunteering (tabling, helping local shelters, cleaning litter, grooming cats etc etc). This is an opportunity to stay in places such as Central Italy for free. Explore Umbria & Tuscany and do good!

mission statement

We try to follow micro-finance principles by offering modest investments & grants to local environmental & animal activists or organisations.

We are performance driven & expect quantifiable results.