‘action thru education’

Our focus is equally divided between educational programs & rescue
We try & provide modest ‘seed money’ & grants to local animal & environmental activists.


: LIPU-Umbria

(Umbria is a province in Italy.)


Saint Francis thought that birds, because they could fly, interceded before the Divine on behalf of humanity.

Many farmers blame birds for eating crops, but apparently forget that birds eat crop destroying insects without use of chemicals, help pollinate our fruits & vegetables & spread those crops to other areas thru defecation of seeds.

The Italian bird group, LIPU-Umbria (Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli), works hard to stop the largest wildlife slaughter in the world. An estimated 180 million song and migratory birds flying between Europe & Africa are mass slaughtered – some by blinding, others by gibbeting, poisoning, netting or simply being shot for sport while poisoning our environment with lead shot.

2019 Lipu-Umbria rescued, rehabilitated and/or released 680 birds of various species. Please contact our office for a full breakdown.

LIPU-Umbria near the shores of Lake Trasimeno, is critical to the breeding and survival of migratory birds. These dedicated volunteers help maintain this extraordinarily valuable ecosystem located north west of Assisi.

DONATE HERE (when donating, please note funds are to go to Lipu-Umbria).

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: Gattaras d’Assisi


St Gertrude, the patron saint of cats, thought that cats helped humankind achieve an understanding of both the fury and the endless love of the Divine.

Barbara Tuchman argued that it is doubtful the Black Death would have occurred if Europeans had not killed so many cats as witches’ helpers during the Middle Ages.

Some cat ladies of Assisi (Gattaras d’Assisi) start their rounds as early as 5 in the morning. They are inspired by the goodness-of-their-hearts to provide a compassionate, healthy environment for cats. They are self-funded on virtually no budget & very much need financial support for food, adoption, sponsorship & veterinary services.

100% of donations are used to purchase food & veterinary service vouchers for the cats of Umbria

recommendation in Assisi:


: Il Sorriso di San Francesco
(the Smile of St Francis)

ProAnimale’s beautiful animal sanctuary in Assisi & soon-to-be-completed educational center sits on 57acres in the ‘valley of the wolf’ at the foot of Rocca Maggiore (the big fortress). It cares for over 120 domestic animals who live lives of safety & sanctuary.

Please contact the sanctuary before visiting.

Click HERE to do so. It is a most worthwhile visit and a worthy cause to support.


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Pro Animale is currently raising funds for their new educational center. If you wish to purchase an engraved brick(s) to memorialise your companion animals, please contact ProAnimale directly.

United States

: DxE, Berkeley

This youthful, activist group represents our Future and is vital to support. Their successes are quantifiable.


Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen

“How can our species ever attain peace when the food that sustains us is a product of violence?”

If you have ever felt the need to make amends for the years you ate meat & supported the slaughterhouse industries, this organisation would certainly merit your attention.

Sponsor your choice of animal.  DONATE HERE